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Guarantor Mortgage Quotes & Advice

As Guarantor mortgages are only offered by a limited number of lenders at this time, we do not recommend using our online mortgage quotes system to search for guarantor mortgages.

Simply follow the links below to get free guarantor mortgage quotes or independent advice on mortgages suitable for guarantors from one of our qualified mortgage advisors. In all cases someone acting as a guarantor should seek independent legal advice prior to making this commitment.

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Guarantor Mortgages Explained

Guarantor mortgages are intended to allow those on low incomes to buy property typically using a close relative such as a parent or guardian to provide a guarantee of mortgage repayment should the borrower default. Guarantor mortgages are normally assessed on the income of the guarantor only and so may be suitable in particular for students who would be able to afford the mortgage after studying for example.

A deposit will still be required for a guarantor mortgage; however the lender may be happy for the guarantor's age to run past retirement or for longer than would be allowed with a normal mortgage product.

It is not normally suitable for someone who will not be able to afford a mortgage in the future to arrange a guarantor mortgage as they are not usually intended for this purpose. If you are unable to afford a mortgage and are not expecting this to change you may be able to consider some of the following types of mortgages.

It is important that anyone potentially acting as guarantor take independent legal advice. All lenders will typically require the singing of waiver by the guarantor to indicate that they have been advised of this. This is because your liability as a mortgage guarantor could be equivalent to that of the main applicant and should the mortgage go into default the guarantors assets could also be at risk.

We treat all the information provided by you with the utmost care and security. Any details you give will remain confidential and will only be disclosed at or with your consent, where we are legally obliged to do so or where we have a duty to the public to disclose that information.

The information collected by us will be used for the purposes of processing and to communicate to you information about other products and services. We will discuss your needs and circumstances and produce free illustrations for any suitable products.

If you do not consent to your details being used in this way please email mail@rightmortgageadvice.co.uk

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