Self build mortgages how we can help

The majority of the high street lending market do not offer self build mortgages, with the market mainly being catered for by small building societies.

Many of them also only offering these products through an experienced broker like ourselves due to the specialist nature and additional requirements.

We can help you find those lenders suitable for your requirements and prepare the application on your behalf.

We make sure that you meet the lenders criteria prior to application and avoid time consuming, costly and stressful investigations into lenders whose criteria you don’t fit.

Benefit's of our self build advice service

  • Advice fees only chargeable at mortgage offer stage.
  • Whole of market advice
  • Wide range of products available
  • We have access to self build lenders who can offer stage payments in advance or arrears all the way from land purchase to completion.
  • Some lenders able to offer advances not based on present value
  • Products available without redemption (or early repayment) penalties.
  • With minimum deposits of 15% available
  • Maximum advances available up to £1 million for self build and renovations

Self Build Mortgages - The basics explained

In a self build mortgage the lender advances funds in stages as works are completed allowing you to move onto the next stage of the build process up to completion of the build.

Some lenders may be able to advance money to assist in land purchase and others may only advance any funds once a certain stage of work has been completed.

Funding will likely be based on your income and affordability like a normal mortgage.

The lender will usually assess the work at each stage of the build including checking relevant approvals and sign off including planning approval, structural engineer's certification & building regulations compliance.

Once work is completed you can usually stay on the mortgage long term like any normal mortgage deal or remortgage to a new deal from the normal high street although early repayment penalties might apply to some products for a few years.

You will normally need slightly larger deposits for self build loans, lending against income is likely to be lower than a normal mortgage (although the likely cost of the property should also be quite low).

Some features may be available which would be unusual on a normal residential loan such as having interest only payments until the final completion of works.

Follow the links below if you would like to arrange a call back to discuss your self build mortgage.

Self Build Mortgages - The detail

Some self build mortgages are only for the purpose of building an entirely new property however many of the products available now are suitable for property renovation and work in much the same way.

It’s also typical for many lenders offering self build loans to require that you begin the application process prior to completing any work.

So it’s not preferable to only begin researching a mortgage once a project has started although if you have found yourself in this position we may still be able to help you but it’s likely less options are available.

Most lenders can advance funds in various stages, at each point checking the completed works and advancing more money to complete the next stage.

This will usually involve a surveyor coming out to inspect the site and seeing sign off from architects, engineers or building control officers as applicable.

It’s therefore vital not only that the work meets applicable standards and appropriate approvals are provided and that you do not overspend and find yourself in a position where you cannot complete a stage of works.

Many advance funds at the end of each stage of the works, however some can advance funds prior to each stage.

This will be crucial for some, for example if you only have funds to buy the land, you will need funding in advance to complete the foundations.

The stages at which a lender can advance funds are also important.

Some lenders can advance funds through each stage of the build from as early on as buying the plot of land (or even being gifted/inheriting it), and will continue to advance funds through the various stages.

These include stages such as the foundations being laid, walls erected up to second storey level, wind & watertight, first fix and final completion (but various lenders will differ on exact points).

Other lenders particularly some of the more national high street lenders may only advance funds much further into the completion of the project and hence you will need considerably more cash aside at the outset to use these lenders.

Most of the lenders offering these products will also be small building societies and hence the lending rules will generally be more restrictive than a normal mortgage and hence advice will make finding a suitable deal considerably easier.

You will probably find a considerable number of the products offered are also discount or variable rates particularly for those with more flexible or generous options around stage and advancing funds upfront.

Self Build Mortgages - The typical payment stages


  • Land purchase if applicable with lender.
  • Foundations completed.
  • Wall plate level erected or timber frame erected.
  • Wind & watertight.
  • First fix of electrical and plumbing works, plastering completed.
  • Second fix and completion.

The pro's and con's


  • very affordable housing opportunities
  • removes the need to have cash up front for all development costs
  • staged release of funds helps to control costs and process


  • risk of not completing project
  • risk of shortfall to complete a construction stage
  • specialist knowledge or experience may be required
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